Tom Wolf

Musician - Bass-Player - Humanist



Sadowsky MV-5QT 59B (s/n M9728)
Ritter Classic 6 String (s/n 1122)
Ritter Classic 5 String (s/n 844)
Doderer Bariton Ukulele (Modell Tom Wolf)


  Eich T1000 (s/n G1005773)
Merlin Bass Amplifier 600
Craaft Bassic 400 (s/n 20795)


 Holly Blue 10er (s/n 191001, s/n 191002)
Holly Blue 12er (s/n 191201, s/n 191202)
Holly Blue 15er (s/n 191501)


 Line6 Helix Stomp XL with Mission Engineering SP1-L6H
Shure GLXD 16+
on Temple Audio pedal board

DAW and Video

Logic Pro and Premiere Pro on MAC

Sold items


  Ritter Roya 5 String (s/n 1130), Jerzy Drozd Mastery 6 String (s/n 30004), Mike Lull M5 (s/n 2119), Taylor AB3 acoustic bass (s/n 20000324201), Patrice Blanc nova fusion 5 String Fretless, Schack 6 String fretless, Breedlove roots dreadnought USA, Stingray 4 String fretless (s/n E 11098), Wal Mach II 5 String (s/n 2830), Taylor AB4 acoustic bass, Ritter Classic 7 String (s/n 723), Leduc MNV6 (s/n 7552-M), Fender Precision Bass USA (special edition 1994), Breedlove J350 EF Steelstring Guitar, Riemer 51' Precision Bass (Custom Shop), Wal MK II 5 String (s/n 3641), Wal MK III 6 String Fretless, T-Bass 5 String, Aria Fretless 4 String, Doderer Stallion 5 String (s/n 2), Fichter Upright, Leduc Masterpiece 6 String, Music Man Sting Ray 5 String, Slapper Beelzebub 6 String (s/n 41), Wal MK I (s/n 2115), Aria TSB 400 


Eden WT550 (s/n CQ392221A), Glockenklang Blue Rock (s/n A26235), Aguilar AG 500 DC (s/n 7093), Glockenklang Blue Soul, Merlin 550, Demeter preamp, Eden WT 1205, Eden WT 400, EBS Fafner, EBS preamp Version II, LAP Gruppen Poweramp, QSC Poweramp, Trace Elliot VA 400, Peavy MK IV 


AccuGroove El Whappo, 2x AccuGroove Tri 112, Glockenklang Quattro, Glockenklang Duo, SWR Goliath 4x10, SWR Goliath 2x10 


Darkglass Microtubes Vintage, Solidgoldfx Beta custom shop, TC Electronic Corona Chorus, Aguilar TLC Compressor, Source Audio Programmable EQ, Dunlop Volume Pedal, Aguilar Agro, Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi, DigiTech Bass Whamy, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Lehle RMI Basswitch, Darkglass Microtubes B3K

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